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Kripalu yoga’s unique approach integrates the rigor of traditional yoga with advances in contemporary health science, growth psychology and the study of consciousness.  Each class empowers you to befriend and listen to your body discovering from your own direct experience what supports your well being and growth. Classes begin with a centering, breath awareness and breathing exercises (pranayama), warm-up movements to prepare you for yoga postures (asana). The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation, and the thought I ought to do this again.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga offers new students and those healing from injury or other limitations a guided slower paced sequence with modifications; creating an environment of support and healing.


Moderate Yoga

Moderate yoga builds energy and awareness aimed at releasing tension held in the body. Each class is a complete guided experience suitable for beginners as well as students more experienced. The challenge here is finding the balance between effort without force or strain, and ease… releasing tension while remaining alert.


Journey Dance

Journey Dance is a celebration and exploration of you. It will have you loving your body and loving your life! Weaving simple, guided movement sequences and free exploration, Journey Dance reconnects you with your innate state of joyous well-being. Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, and your body feels supple. Each class a complete experience no prior experience or dance talent required.



Class Fees

7 Classes - $112.00
Drop in - $19.00


*with 10% senior & veteran discount

7 Classes - $100.00
Drop in - $18.00


All prices include: State of CT 6.35% sales Tax.

If class fees create hardship, please inquire about financial assistance.


Start Your Own Class Time!

Get a group of six or more together and let us know when you would like to meet for a six class series. Great for work buddies, friends or family.